Patented Ice Dam/Icicle Prevention Systems for ALL NEW OR EXISTING ROOF STRUCTURES


To provide energy efficient, affordable, simple, and effective roof edge ice prevention systems for residential and commercial roof structures.


By 2008, the owner of HotEdge had installed or considered all roof ice melt system alternatives available on the market for his own home in a high snow load region of the Rocky Mountains. All options were either cost prohibitive to install, operate, and maintain or not effective. Systems had either failed or were cost prohibitive to install, operate, and service. The owner decided to invest in the resources necessary to develop a “better mousetrap” to address roof ice problems. This process discovered designs so practical and simple that the decision was made to manufacturer and promote better roof ice prevention systems and call it, HotEdge.

In 2012, HotEdge was awarded the first and only UL Listed roof edge ice prevention system in America in 2012. In addition, several roof ice melt systems designed and manufactured by HotEdge received patent protection in the same year. Overall, roof ice prevention systems manufactured by HotEdge answer the growing market need for a low cost, simple, and energy efficient alternative to traditional zig zag heat tape, extruded aluminum metal, and silicon mat concepts, etc.

HotEdge Inc came into new ownership as HotEdge LLC in September 2014 and is proud to continue to pursue the HotEdge Inc quality and service excellence.

Through a dedicated ongoing R&D effort, HotEdge is rapidly expanding to all high snow load regions world-wide and building relationships with Architects, Build Design Firms, Engineers, Roofing Contractors, Roofing Material Supply Companies, Entrepreneurs, and Licensed Electricians.


To provide you with the proper product selection for your project please select the roof style you are working on.
For Asphalt Shingled Roofs

Primary products that are used on asphalt shingled roof systems.

For Metal Roofs

Primary products that are used on metal roof systems.

For Wood Shake Roofs

Primary products that are used on wood shake roof systems.

For Synthetic Roofs

Primary products that are used on synthetic roof systems.

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